No-Code AI tool to elevate your business.

Tailored for the forward-thinking entrepreneur, designed to elevate customer experience and streamline operations at minimum cost.

How can Kai help your business?

With Kai’s advanced customer chatbot, businesses can provide seamless and personalised customer interactions, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Kai can automate processes, freeing up valuable time for entrepreneurs to focus on growth and innovation.

No matter what your business specialises in, Kai is ready to help. With access to subject matter experts from all industries, our advanced AI technology can adapt to your specific needs and streamline your operations.

Stay ahead of the game with Kai AI Assistant. Its revolutionary technology gives businesses the tools they need to compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Kai for any business type


AI Assistant on your Landing page

Your product or solution overviews

Start conversations in an engaging way like initiating a greeting

Collect leads

Offers advanced analytics and pattern recognition


Craft customised sales proposals to suit individual needs.

Direct the chats that meet the criteria for qualification to the sales representative.

Integrate seamlessly with existing business systems

Scalable and can handle vast amounts of data and interactions across multiple departments and customer touchpoints


Answer basic questions

Resolve customer queries

Provide personalised customer experiences and insights

Create support tickets

Share and recommend helpful content

Automate repetitive tasks


100 messages
1 assistant
100MB storage for vectors
Basic AI Model (GPT 3.5)
Community Support
-Call Us 02035155151
1,000,000 messages
Unlimited assistant
500 GB storage
1 hour response time


Industry Application

Useful across several industry sectors because it offers tailored, efficient automation solutions that streamline workflows, enhance customer engagement, and provide data-driven insights for better decision-making.



Travel and Hospitality


Retail and E-commerce



Customer Support

Banking and Finance

Real Estate


PR and Advertisting

Frequently Asked Questions

AWTG has created an innovative A.I. technology called Kai, which can recognise both spoken and written human language, comprehend its intent, and provide a response that emulates a natural human conversation. Its goal is to help any enterprise interested in utilising AI within their operations, even without the expertise of an IT specialist.

We collaborate with a variety of firms across different sectors, including tech start-ups, financial institutions, healthcare providers, retail chains, and educational organisations.

Crawling content from websites, downloading files, and training chatbots are subject to the terms of service of the platform and the specific plan you are on.

Yes, both incoming and outgoing (prompts) messages are counted in your plan’s message limit. If you exceed your monthly quota, you can purchase additional messages to continue service without interruption.

We guarantee you an AI platform that requires no coding. It is just as simple as typing and attaching, we promise!

Yes, you can delete previously uploaded files and upload new ones for training as long as you remain within the storage limits specified by your plan.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Enjoy free access for now as we continue to update the platform.

Yes, you can cancel you plan at any time.

Community Support is available for all plans. Response times improve with higher-tier plans, please see Pricing plans for the response time.

Custom plans are available. Contact sales to discuss your specific needs and obtain a plan tailored to your organisation.

Exceeding storage limits may result in additional charges. We recommend monitoring your usage regularly and upgrading if necessary.

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